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Annita Waist Trainer

Annita Waist Trainer

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Presenting the unique features of our girdle from HaziaFit:

1. **Asymmetric Hem Design:**
- Short in the front and long in the back, complemented by a U-shaped breast support. This design not only minimizes accessory breasts but also targets back fat reduction.

2. **Front-Back Hem Variance:**
- Featuring a longer hem in the front and a shorter hem in the back, the girdle incorporates a front arc design to reduce abdominal fat. The back showcases an upward arc design, preventing pressure on the buttocks.

3. **Dual Compression Layers on the Abdomen:**
- Effectively tightens the abdomen with two layers of compression. The inner layer, with a front and center button design, is adjustable, while the outer zipper design adds a touch of simplicity and leaves no trace.

4. **Structural Integrity with 15 Steel Ribs:**
- Thoughtfully designed with a total of 15 steel ribs for effective shaping, ensuring a defined silhouette.

5. **Elegant Gold Zippers and Buttons:**
- Gold zippers and buttons add a touch of luxury, elevating the overall aesthetic.

6. **Embossed Waist Cover with Glossy Decorative Strips:**
- The waist cover features an embossed design with glossy decorative strips, enhancing the visual appeal for a more beautiful appearance.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with HaziaFit's girdle. Redefine your silhouette with innovative design and luxurious details.
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